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  • Seawise Giant (၁၉၇၉–၁၉၈၉)
  • Happy Giant (၁၉၈၉–၁၉၉၁)
  • Jahre Viking (၁၉၉၁–၂၀၀၄)
  • Knock Nevis (၂၀၀၄–၂၀၀၉)
  • Mont (၂၀၀၉–၂၀၁၀)
  • Amber Development (၂၀၀၉–၂၀၁၀)
  • First Olsen Tankers Pte. (၂၀၀၄–၂၀၀၉)
  • Loki Stream AS (၁၉၉၁–၂၀၀၄)
မောင်းနှင်သူ: Prayati Shipping (၂၀၀၉–၂၀၁၀)
Port of registry:
Out of service: ၂၀၀၉
Fate: ၂၀၁၀ တွင် တစ်ပိုင်းစီဖြုတ်ပစ်
မှတ်ချက်: [၂][၃][၄]
အထွေထွေ အချက်အလက်များ
အမျိုးအစား: Crude oil tanker
  • 81,879 long tons light ship
  • 646,642 long tons full load
အလျား: ၄၅၈.၄၅ m (၁,၅၀၄.၁၀ ft)
ရက်မ: ၆၈.၈ m (၂၂၅.၇၂ ft)
Draught: ၂၄.၆၁၁ m (၈၀.၇၄ ft)
အနက်: ၂၉.၈ m (၉၇.၇၇ ft)
တွန်းအား: 2 Mitsubishi V2M8 boilers (Designed by Combustion Engineering) Sumitomo Stal-Laval AP steam turbine, 50,000 hp
အမြန်နှုန်း: ၁၆.၅ knot (၃၀.၆ kilometres per hour; ၁၉.၀ miles per hour)
မှတ်စု: [၃]

ပင်လယ်ပျော်ဘီလူး, later Happy Giant, Jahre Viking and Knock Nevis, was a ULCC supertanker and the longest ship ever built. She possessed the greatest deadweight tonnage ever recorded. Fully laden, her displacement was ၆၅၇,၀၁၉ tonne (၆၄၆,၆၄၂ long ton; ၇၂၄,၂၃၉ short ton), the heaviest ship of any kind, and with a draft of ၂၄.၆ m (၈၁ ft), she was incapable of navigating the English Channel, the Suez Canal or the Panama Canal. Overall, she was generally considered the largest ship ever built,[၅][၆] as well as the largest self-propelled man made object ever built. She was last used as a floating storage and offloading unit (FSO) moored off the coast of Qatar in the Persian Gulf at the Al Shaheen Oil Field.[၇]

The vessel was sold to Indian ship breakers, and renamed Mont for her final journey in December 2009. After clearing Indian customs, she was sailed to, and intentionally beached at Alang, Gujarat, India for demolition.[၇][၈]


ပင်လယ်ပျော်ဘီလူး သည် ဆူမီတိုမိုအကြီးစားစက်မှုလုပ်ငန်းကမှာယူအသုံးပြုခဲ့ခြင်းဖြစ်သည်။ Seawise Giant was ordered in 1974 and delivered in 1979 by Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. at their Oppama shipyard in Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan as a 418,000 ton ULCC[၉] the vessel remained for a longtime unnamed, and was identified by its hull number 1016. During sea trials, 1016 exhibited massive vibration issues while astern. The Greek owner refused to take delivery and the vessel was subject to a lenghty arbitration proceeding. Following settlement the vessel was sold and christened Oppama by S.H.I.[၅]

Size comparison of some of the longest ships. From top to bottom: Knock Nevis, ex-Seawise Giant, Emma Mærsk, Allure of the Seas, MS Berge Stahl, and USS Enterprise (CVN-65).

The shipyard exercised its right to sell the vessel and a deal was brokered with Hong Kong Orient Overseas Container Line founder C. Y. Tung to lengthen the ship by several metres and add 156,000 metric tons of cargo capacity through jumboisation. Two years later she was relaunched as Seawise Giant.[၅][၁၀]

After the refit, the ship had a capacity of Template:DWT, a length overall of ၄၅၈.၄၅ m (၁,၅၀၄.၁ ft) and a draft of ၂၄.၆၁၁ m (၈၀.၇၄ ft). She had 46 tanks, ၃၁,၅၄၁ စတုရန်း မီတာ (၃၃၉,၅၀၀ စတုရန်းပေ) of deck space, and drew too much water to pass through the English Channel.[၅] The rudder weighed 230 tons, the propeller 50 tons.[၁၁]

Seawise Giant was damaged during the Iran–Iraq War by an Iraqi air force attack while transiting the Strait of Hormuz on 14 May 1988 and carrying Iranian crude oil. She was declared a total loss and was laid up in Brunei Bay.[၁၂]

Shortly after the Iran-Iraq war, Norman International bought the wreckage of the ship and repaired her. She was renamed Happy Giant after the repairs.[၃] These repairs were done at the Keppel Company shipyard in Singapore after towing her from the Persian Gulf. She entered service in October 1991 as Happy Giant.[၁၂]

Jørgen Jahre bought the tanker in 1991 for US$39 million and renamed her Jahre Viking. From 1991 to 2004, she was owned by Loki Stream AS and flew the Norwegian flag.[၁၂]

In 2004, she was purchased by First Olsen Tankers Pte. Ltd., renamed Knock Nevis, and converted into a permanently moored storage tanker in the Qatar Al Shaheen oil field in the Persian Gulf.[၅][၁၂]

နော့(က်)နေဗိစ်/ပင်လယ်ပျော်ဘီလူးနှင့်အခြား သင်္ဘောများ၊ အဆောက်အအုံများနှင့်ယှဉ်ပြထားပုံ-
  Template:RMS, ၃၄၅ မီတာ
  နော့(က်)နေဗိစ်/ပင်လယ်ပျော်ဘီလူး, ၄၅၈ မီတာ

Knock Nevis was renamed Mont, and reflagged with Sierra Leone by new owners Amber Development Corporation, for her final voyage to India in January 2010 where she was scrapped.[၄][၈][၁၃] Her 36 tonne anchor was saved and sent to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum for exhibition.[၁၄][၁၅]

Size record[ပြင်ဆင်ရန်]

Seawise Giant သည် တည်ဆောက်ခဲ့သမျှသင်္ဘောများတွင်အရှည်ဆုံးဖြစ်သည်။ ကမ္ဘာ့အမြင့်ဆုံးအဆောက်အအုံအချို့ထက်ပိုမိုရှည်လျားသည်။ ၅၀၉.၂ မီတာ(၁၆၇၁ ပေ)မြင့်သည့် တိုင်ပေ ၁၀၁ အဆောက်အအုံ၊ အောက်ခြေမှထိပ်ဆုံးအင်တင်နာအထိ ၅၂၇.၃ မီတာ(၁,၇၃၀ ပေ)မြင့်သည့် ဝီလီမျှော်စင်(တရားဝင်အမည် ဆီးယားမျှော်စင်)တို့ထက်အနည်းငယ်တိုသည်။ ၄၂၅မီတာ(၁၄၈၃ ပေ)မြင့်သည့် ပက်ထရိုနပ်အမြွှာမျှော်စင်ထက်ကြီးမားသည်။

ပင်လယ်ပျော်သင်္ဘောသည်ဤမျှရှည်လျားပြီး ယာဉ်နှင့်ကုန် တန် ၂၆၀,၉၄၁ လေးသော်လည်း အလေးချိန်အများဆုံးသင်္ဘောမဟုတ်ပေ။ ယာဉ်နှင့်ကုန်တန်ချိန် ၂၇၄,၈၃၈ လေးသည့် ဘာတီလပ်စ်အမျိုးအစားမဟာကုန်တင်သင်္ဘော လေးစီးက အလေးချိန်ပိုများသည်။ ဘာတီလပ်စ်အမျိုးအစားမဟာကုန်တင်သင်္ဘောနှင့် ပင်လယ်ပျော်ဘီလူး တို့သည် တည်ဆောက်ခဲ့သမျှတွင်အကြီးဆုံးစက်တပ်ယာဉ်များဖြစ်ကြသည်။

Seawise Giant was featured on the BBC series Jeremy Clarkson's Extreme Machines while she was underway as Jahre Viking. According to her captain, S. K. Mohan, she could reach up to ၁၆.၅ knot (၃၀.၆ kilometres per hour) in good weather, it took ၅.၅ မိုင် (၈.၉ ကီလိုမီတာ) to stop from that speed, and her turning circle in clear weather was about ၂ mi (၃.၂ km).[၁၆]


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