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Important change proposal[ပြင်ဆင်ရန်]

I believe something about Alpha Info-Tech (Mandalay) should be mention since the company is main publisher of the font. How come forgot? Also there is little role of, rather then it offers out-dated Zawgyi Font download. Also the role of font author Zaw Win Myat must be mention, as we can see in Zawgyi font annotation.

I really don't like fake five men stories, unless somebody mention the name of them. This is a hoax and reader to wonder that those who tell the story is one of the five.

The role of MyaZeDi must be mention, since I believe all credit of Unicode technology go to MyaZeDi, Solveware.

The important facts about Zawgyi:

  1. Most widely used font in Internet
  2. Not widely used in DTP
  3. Non-standard Unicode Font
  4. Controversial proposal about Zawgyi Font in Myanmar Wikipedia

I really don't think "Design By Nyi Lynn Seck" is necessary here. My understanding is he is a blogger, but nothing to do with Zawgyi Font development. The logo itself is not true logo to Zawgyi Font. I will rather suggest simple Zawgyi logo use in Zawgyi.ORG or completely drop here. I don't think Font has a logo.

I will also like to remove "future direction", since I know there is no future for Zawgyi Development. I know there is something about Zawgyi 5.1 dual, but better drop out since we cannot cite the source.

I also like to add history of Zawgyi Font. I have mentioned in Zawgyi.ORG and Myanmar IT Pros, but still some key people don't agree the statements (this is not because of false statement, but relate to other issues). I will be appreciate if somebody discus this sensitive issue.

If anybody agree, I will go ahead with the edit. Thanks Okisan 02:14, 19 ဇူ​လိုင်​ 2008 (UTC)

Be bold. I like your proposal for the content of this article. If things make sense to you than just go ahead and fix it. --RaviC (talkcontribs) 20:21, 23 ဇူ​လိုင်​ 2008 (UTC)