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Myoma Myint Kywe (မြို့မ-မြင့်ကြွယ်)

U Myint Kywe (Burmese: မြင့်ကြွယ်; also Myoma Myint Kywe; 14 April 1960) is a Burmese Writer, Historian and Journalist.


He was born to Myoma U Than Kywe and Daw Ahmar (a) Daw Myint Myint Win of Rangoon, Rangoon Division, Burma. He attended Myoma High School in Rangoon. U Myint Kywe, M.Ed., D.M.E., D.T (Passed with Credit) is a bona-fide member of Myanmar Writers and Journalists Association. He began to work as a Writer since 1989. “Myoma” is not part of his given name but is an honorific. “U” is not part of his given name but is an honorific. He was a student leader of Myoma National school. So he used his pen name is “Myoma Myint Kywe”.He is a teetotaler.

Myoma Meanings[ပြင်ဆင်ရန်]

“Myoma” meaning is a name of very famous first national high school in Rangoon since 1920. Almost well known prime minister, politicians, democracy leaders, human rights activists, ministers, generals, nationalists, writers, medical specialists, engineers, artists, sport men, actors, actress, merchants and senior top officers etc were came from Myoma national school. No.2 Basic Education High School Dagon Township was formerly well known as “Myoma” National Boy's High School. No.3 Basic Education High School Dagon Township was formerly well known as “Myoma” National Girl's High School. In the 1920s national schools were opened across the whole Burma with the purpose of implementing the national education objectives with patriotism. Only with the strong effort of U Ba Lwin, the first headmaster of the Myoma National School and Bagan Set U Thaw, Chairman of the Myoma National school and the parents' donation, could the school be successfully completed. Myoma national schools first born out of the national freedom struggle together with national education and national spirit. Myoma school was the first-born all National High School in Burma. The foundation of Myoma school began in 1920. Myoma school gained recognition in the course of Burma history and Burma national education sector.

Karate Life[ပြင်ဆင်ရန်]

In 1971, Myoma Myint Kywe started to learn Karate (Shotokan Style) in Rangoon. And he became Principal of Institute of Karate & Chief Instructor of Soshiki Karate Club since 1978 in Rangoon.

Writer and Historian life[ပြင်ဆင်ရန်]

Myoma Myint Kywe traveled to many countries such as Thailand, Singapore, China, Japan, Germany, England etc., between 1987 to 1993. He attended courses and also gave lectures while abroad. He wrote about 150 books on culture, sociology and education. "Myoma Sayagyi U Ba Lwin (or) Beginner of National Education" and "Special Remarkable Notes of Myanmar Culture and Notes on Youth Affairs" are the famous and the bestsellers of his books.

He was awarded;

  1. Japanese Karate Kumite Champion and First prize for 1978 in Rangoon (Yangon)
  2. Asia Buddhist Literature Prize for 1989 in Singapore
  3. National Manuscript (Belles-Letters) First Prize for 2003 in Burma (Myanmar)
  4. Myanmar Culture and Fine Arts Literature Prize for 2005 in Burma (Myanmar) etc.

He has also received United Nations Geneva's PEN PRIZE for his book "Special Remarkable Notes of Myanmar Culture and Notes on Youth Affairs" in 2007. His earlier profession was a chief instructor of Soshiki Karate International. He is a highly acclaimed writer and historian in Burma. He is a descendant of a highly distinguished family in Burma (Myanmar). He and his family possess excellent moral character and inherits good reputation from his ancestors in Burma (Myanmar). </ref>

He and his ancestors in Burma[ပြင်ဆင်ရန်]

His grandfather U Thaw (His well known name is Bagan Set- U Thaw).U Thaw, first inventor and owner of Myanmar Plate and Dish Manufacturing Factory. U Thaw was a philanthropist who was awarded the royal title (TPS) and First Class Magistrate of Burma and as a Justified Mayor between 1918 and 1940 by the British Government as well as the title of Nainghangonyee First class title by the Government of Burma in 1980. His charities also helped provided food and any material assistance for many Burmese needed people in Burma between 1914 and 1980. Then U Thaw is first Inventor and first owner of plate and dish manufacturing factory in Burma 1921. U Thaw was elected and appointed as Burmese senior senator by British Empire in 1923.

Similarly, His father was Myoma U Than Kywe (vice president of both the Rangoon University Student Union and the All-Burma Students Union ), a leader and one of the delegates who attended 1947 Pinlon National conference together with our national leader General Aung San. He is an independent leader from Burma (1938-1948). He was a pioneer about free of charges study for basic education in Burma 1946-1947. He participated in Burma struggle against the bureaucracy, colonialism and facism for Burma's independence between 1938 to 1948. He was vice chairman of the Rangoon University Students Union and vice chairman of the all Burma students Union. He was also the chairman of the Rangoon Student Union and Myoma National student union. (Myoma U Than Kywe was a colleague of U Nu who was a first prime minister of Union of Burma. Then, he was a colleague of National Leader General Aung San, who was the father of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi). Myoma Myint Kywe's father and grandfather were very well known as "political leaders and human rights leaders" between First World War and 1962 in Burma.

They struggle against to "ISM" only. They never attack personally. His family are respected, obeyed and participated on pure democracy and human rights in Burma. He and his family always dislike about dictatorship, hypocrisy, bureaucracy and licensed to kill lawlessly with cruelly. He and his family dislike to every above wrong policy makers based on dictatorship. Then they always do not like worst actions, oppress to people, trick to people, persecute to people, victim of torture, inhumanity, abuse human rights and imitative action. He and his family dislike and against to "ISM" only,never attack to the people personally. He and his family never took part in any violation with crime. He and his ancestors like and obey by Mahatma Gandhi's peaceful philosophy of non violence. As a descendant of a prominent political family, he was automatically disliked by the Burma military authorities.

He and other famous writers in Burma[ပြင်ဆင်ရန်]

Other prolific writers of the post-colonial era include Thein Pe Myint (and his The Ocean Traveller and the Pearl Queen, considered a Burmese classic), Mya Than Tint (known for his translations of Western classics like War and Peace), Thawda Swe and Myat Htun. Burmese Writers: Aung San Suu Kyi,Aung Thin,Chit oo Nyo, Chit Maung, Dagon Khin Khin Lay, Hmawbi Saya Thein, Htin Aung, James Hla Kyaw, Journal Kyaw Ma Ma Lay,KaHti Ka Daw Myint Than, Khin Hnin Yu, Khin Khin Htoo, Khin Myo Chit, Ludu Daw Amar, Ludu U Hla, Mg Khin Min (Danuphyu),Maung Su Shin, Min Tin Mon, Min Thu Wun, Minfong Ho, Mya Than Tint, Myoma Myint Kywe,Nanda Thein Zan, P Moe Nin, Pascal Khoo Thwe, Pe Maung Tin, Richard Bartholomew, San San Nweh, Saw Wai, Saya Zawgyi, Taw Phayar Galay, Tekkatho Phone Naing, Thakin Kodaw Hmaing, Thein Pe Myint, Theippan Maung Wa, Thukha, Tin Moe, U Ottama,U Nu, U Pho Kyar and Win Tin were famous in Burma. Burmese Historians: Ba Shin, Than Tun, Thant Myint-U, Htin Aung, Sao Saimong, Myoma Myint Kywe ,and San C. Po were famous in Burma.


In January 1998, Myoma Myint Kywe married to Khine Khine Win in Yangon. They have 2 daughters, Thaw Tar Win and Su Su San.


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