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This template formats IPA transcriptions and links them to Help:IPA for German. The transcription should match the conventions of that page; for narrower dialect transcriptions, use {{IPA-all}}, which links to a more complete IPA page.

The first parameter in the template is for the transcription, and a second optional parameter is a switch that controls the leading text:

  • |pron= → "pronounced"
  • |lang= → "German:"
  • |IPA= → "IPA:"

With no second parameter, the leading text "German pronunciation:" will be used; an empty second parameter will show no leading text.

Code Rendered as
{{IPA-de|ɪç|}} [ɪç]
{{IPA-de|ɪç|IPA}} IPA: [ɪç]
{{IPA-de|ɪç|lang}} ဂျာမန်: [ɪç]
{{IPA-de|ɪç|pron}} အသံထွက်: [ɪç]
{{IPA-de|ɪç}} ဂျာမန် အသံထွက်: [ɪç]

Any of these may be combined with a sound file in an optional third parameter:
{{IPA-de|ɪç||De-ich.ogg}} [ɪç] ( )
{{IPA-de|ɪç|IPA|De-ich.ogg}} IPA: [ɪç] ( )
{{IPA-de|ɪç|lang|De-ich.ogg}} ဂျာမန်: [ɪç] ( )
{{IPA-de|ɪç|pron|De-ich.ogg}} အသံထွက်: [ɪç] ( )

To display the default leading text, a placeholder such as ‹-› is required as the second parameter:
{{IPA-de|ɪç|-|De-ich.ogg}} ဂျာမန် အသံထွက်: [ɪç] ( )

Template:Usage of IPA templates

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