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This template family is used to display a small flag and name of a country, with a wikilink to the country's page for the specified multi-sport event.



  • code is the three-letter country code used by the IOC, CGF, or FINA.
  • games is a string with slightly different forms depending on the template used:
    • Template:T takes values in the form <year> <games>, or just <games>
    • Template:T and Template:T use <year> Summer, <year> Winter, or just Summer or Winter
    • Games-specific templates such as Template:T, Template:T, etc, simply take the <year>. See below for a full list of supported "shortcut" templates
The intent is that this template can be used from medal tables and event result tables to point to the right country page. Also, the correct historical flag is chosen based on this string, for countries that had different flags in the past.
  • athletes is the number of athletes that the nation contributed to the specific Olympics. It is an optional argument, and will render a small (#) after the nation's name.


In addition to using historical flags when appropriate, the specific name of the games will be selected when appropriate.


  • {{flagIOC2|CHN|Asian Games}} China
  • {{flagIOC2|CHN|2008 Asian Beach Games}} China
  • {{flagIOC2|HKG|1954 Asian Games}} Hong Kong (Uses historical flag)
  • {{flagIOC2|JPN|2009 Asian Indoor Games|100}} Japan (100)

flagIOC / flagIPC[ပြင်ဆင်ရန်]

  • {{flagIOC|USA}} United States
  • {{flagIOC|GER|Winter}} Germany
  • {{flagIOC|ESP|2004 Summer}} Spain
  • {{flagIOC|CAN|2006 Winter}} Canada
  • {{flagIOC|CAN|1924 Winter}} Canada (Uses historical flag)
  • {{flagIOC|GRE|2004 Summer|441}} Greece (441)
  • {{flagIPC|GRE|2004 Summer|441}} Greece (441)




Supporting templates[ပြင်ဆင်ရန်]

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