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Delays the evaluation of a tag. A tag's text can be generated dynamically, and then evaluated after the next substitution. Unlike the code generated by {{#tag:}}, the tag will not be evaluated immediately.


Should be substituted only within an <includeonly /> block.

  • tag is the name of the tag, to be enclosed in angled brackets.
  • attribs is a list of attribute names and values separated by equals signs, to be inserted within the first set of angled brackets. Example: attributes=class="error" style="font-weight: normal"
  • content is the code to be enclosed between the start and end tags. Can be omitted to create a <self-closing /> tag.

See also[ပြင်ဆင်ရန်]

User:Zenexer/Templates/Metatemplate doc

User:Zenexer/Templates/Metatemplate doc