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People views on U Wirathu are different and they are greatly disputed. Please also include the overwhelming negative views on U Wirathu to make this article neutral. Zawthet (talk) ၁၀:၀၅၊ ၅ ဇူ​လိုင်​ ၂၀၁၃ (UTC)

Yes, this article has many issues and not comply with WP:UNSOURCED, WP:NEWSBLOG, WP:SOCIALMEDIA, WP:CIRCULAR, WP:ABOUTSELF added by unregistered user(s). I've tried to remove unsourced information but unregistered user(s) was added again.ဖြိုးWP (talk) ၁၂:၂၃၊ ၁၉ ဇူ​လိုင်​ ၂၀၁၃ (UTC)
This article is really messy. Need to clean up a lot. @=={Lionslayer> ၀၄:၄၆၊ ၉ ဩ​ဂုတ်​ ၂၀၁၃ (UTC)