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Inside nucleons with proof etc. etc.[ပြင်ဆင်ရန်]

Easy proof for model works over calculation of neutron radius from mass difference to proton.

Inside neutron are only shells of electron positron rotator pairs and outer roator is defining radius. After electron away and positron in center with normal before relativistic mass a proton. 2*relativistic mass-normal mass=mass difference set into coloumb(+gravity)=centripetal force equation leads to radius fully right a little less than measured. Every shell with own spin in different combinations the particle zoo with el. mg. changing fields between shells likely holding gap.

Without proofing neutrino same photon only with smaller radius like electron for electron-neutrino a rotator of massless load points only in rotation with a mass new called atons (+/- rotator systems).

With load point in center=posi-/electron.

Big Bang = Decay of absolute nothing in only relative existence of quantum entangled aton pairs (in)formation siva?

Room=movement*time for 2 points etc.

Kayo ship near speed of light possible with 1 year Bugatti Veyron acceleration from lead steam ring+linear accelerator with energy from Odin light Li-7 HTR & CO2 Kayturbine efficiency near 100%.

Quasar energy from annihilation not only gravity because of schwarzschild radius.

Rocket airplane starting&landing normal airport as orbit lifter and universal lander for other planets possible using shell out of TiB2, 4 outside turnable wings with same rocket engine using O from cone inlet & tank and cheap methane.

Private talk I was in myanmar about 33 years ago illegal crossing offroad alone in jungle with motorcycle not knowing exactly where I am lucky finding Fang with kareen coffee shop and new fuel and starting from road chiang mai to chiang saen where I was a second time with one day visa for crossing about 20km.

Much later I helped a burmese woman in koh samui going extreme demon like crazy on beach before taken out of water else dieing from 2 thai woman holding her legs others arms needed power until a half burmese coming who could help with placing buddha amulet under tongue first wrong not working until burmese amulet instead hospital

I agree to highest philosophical school of buddhism and hinduism with theory. Room=movement*time for 2 points etc. or room = dance of siva & all only ghost drum in one siva hand standing for time Special temple with small mriror pieces. en:Aton symbol is circle like circles script. I still can understand some thai.

Maybe I can add a burmese for heritage of knowledge published in emails also to BOI in thailand later very worthfull with thai king and 2 thai woman one I know as she a child staying as guest with siblings 51% and other countries like mainly china, india 15% and russia World best atomic HTRs, turbines etc.

Solved adding Myanmar president & san suu kyi same thai persons not tolerating what's not tolerant see en:10 commandments for monchs indirect. my handy IP