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This category includes templates that create links to external resources. Generally, templates should only be made for links to sites that are either:

  1. Primary sources (e.g. UK Intellectual Property Office)
  2. Highly reliable and covering the subject in greater detail than Wikipedia does (e.g. IMDb)
  3. Wikimedia sisterprojects (e.g. Wiktionary). These should be categorized in Category:Interwiki link templates.

See also Wikipedia:External links.



This category contains templates which have been fully protected. This is usually done to prevent vandalism to templates that are used on a large number of pages, or on very visible pages such as the Main Page (so-called "high-risk templates"), as vandalism to such templates would be very noticeable. Full protection prevents a page from being edited except by administrators.

To add a template to this category, add {{pp-template}} to the template. Be careful to place this inside a <noinclude> section, so that pages using the template don't get added to this category. This should only be done if the page is in fact protected – adding the template does not in itself protect the page.

Template:Hiddencat တမ်းပလိတ်များ လှည့်ပတ်ဆက်စပ် နေသည်ကို တွေ့ရသည်။ Template:CategoryTOC


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